GBA – Spider-Man Mysterios Menace (No Box – No Book – Pre Owned)


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Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace is a seven-level side-scroller that pits the arachnid superhero against a host of his most famous foes: Rhino, Hammerhead, Mysterio and more. Fans of Spidey’s N64 game will be pleased to find the same attention to detail and great play control in this hand-held adventure. Spider-Man can swing through the air, crawl on any surface, and use a variety of web-based weaponry to eliminate his enemies. The stylized graphics look like they’re straight out of a comic book, and the web-slinger’s animation is suitably spider-like. The only negative aspect of this game is that you’ll be craving more once you swing your way through the game’s seven levels. Nevertheless, Spider-Man: Mysterio’s Menace is an excellent action Pak, which captures the spirit of Spidey’s comic book adventures.

Release date 20/09/2001


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