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Soul Edge is the first instalment in the Soul series fighting games developed and published by Namco. It was the second entirely weapons-based 3D fighter in history, following Battle Arena Toshinden by two years. Apart from the aesthetic benefits, giving the characters weapons allows for a greater diversity between them, meaning there is someone for every play style. One excellent concept of weapon-based combat implemented by Namco is the major factor that range has in gameplay. The slower, longer ranged characters try to deliver their heavy blows from a distance whereas the quicker, faster characters try to get in as close as possible and deliver quick-hitting attacks. All characters have moves that work at varying ranges though, so longer ranged characters can also hit surprisingly quickly and lesser ranged characters will get in the opponent’s face within the blink of an eye if the enemy is careless.

One of the series’ main attractions was that it was one of the first fighting games to feature detailed accounts of the individual fighters’ motivations and common relations in their quest to achieve a common goal for varying purposes. Many players appreciate Namco’s ability to introduce new characters to the series with interconnected storylines such that every character is linked to another somehow, with connections growing larger as the series progresses and the characters accomplish new tasks in the events of the story.


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