*PRE OWNED – NO BOX – NO BOOK* Nintendo 64 – Perfect Dark – PAL


  • Up to four gamers can play in deathmatch mode.
  • Dolby surround sound and widescreen capability.
  • Contains hidden areas and secret weapons.
  • Numerous spy missions and levels to explore.
  • From Rare, maker of the critically acclaimed GoldenEye 007.

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Perfect Dark is the sequel to the huge hit from Rare Goldeneye, and is set to become the biggest game of 2000. Set in the year 2023, you play the role of Joanna Dark–named Perfect Dark–a female secret agent who works for the Carrington Institute. Joanna is assigned to investigate the DataDyne Corporation who have their hands in some seriously suspicious business. In her investigation Joanna discovers that the company is hiding extraterrestrial beings of both good and bad stature. The technological enhancements that have gone into the development of Perfect Dark are extremely advanced. Players will encounter some of the most deceptive enemies to ever haunt the N64. Artificial intelligence has been designed to equip enemy characters with a number of unique skills including long-range teamwork, cover recognition and the ability to assess potential threats.

Perfect Dark boasts some of the most gorgeous graphics and some of the most realistic environments ever seen. Real-time lighting produces astonishing visuals and special effects like explosions, dust, steam and sun glare. Add to that Rare’s own surround and acoustic-shading technology and you’re playing a game that sounds as good as it looks. Because of the sprawling size and scope of the game, Perfect Dark will require the use of the N64 Expansion Pak for the solo missions and 3-4 player multiplayer modes. Only 1-2 player deathmatch-style gameplay and the Challenge Mode will be available without the use of the Expansion Pak.

Special note: The gameplay and graphics are greatly enhanced with the extra memory boost provided by the N64 Expansion Pak. The main single-player missions and multiplayer enhancements (three or four-player games, as opposed to two-player games without the Pak, and other options) are only available with the N64 Expansion Pak (not included). If you own Donkey Kong 64, you received a Pak bundled in with the game. Others must purchase an expansion RAM Pak separately, a highly recommended option.


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