*PRE OWNED* Playstation 1 – Future Cop L.A.P.D. – PAL


  • Two-Player, Head-to-Head and Co-operative modes
  • Two unique game modes: Crime War: Reclaim 8 sections of crime-ridden L.A., alone or with a partner. Precinct Assault: A two-player strategic battle against a friend or the CPU-controlled “Sky Captain”
  • Transform from a powerful walker into a high-speed hovercraft.
  • Vibrant 3-D environments reveal a thrilling vision of a futuristic L.A.
  • Spectacular lighting effects and colouring.
  • Over 15 futuristic weapons with 2 levels of special power-ups.

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In the 21st Century, gangs have taken over Los Angles. Hit the streets with your standard issue walker, hover craft and all-purpose justice dispenser.

Future Cop: LAPD is a third-person shooter published and developed by Electronic Arts and released first for the PlayStation, then Mac OS and Windows. It was originally supposed to be a sequel to the popular Strike series of games. The final cut-scene of Nuclear Strike includes a trailer for the next game in the series, Future Strike, including shots of a mech robot called ‘Warrior’. Future Strike was never released, but that development of the game evolved into Future Cop: L.A.P.D., which features gameplay similar to the previous Strike games and a mech robot like the one seen in the Future Strike trailer.


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