*RARE* Transformers Armada Powerlix Optimus Prime W/Corona – (Black) 2003




  • Accessories: Corona Sparkplug Mini-Con, Trailer/Armor, light-up rifle, missile, left & right smokestacks.

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A late-run extensive redeco of the Super Base Armada Optimus Prime toy, “Powerlinx” Optimus Prime sports the darker colour scheme the character takes on in the Armada cartoon episode “Origin” following a Mini-Con power-up, but he is not precisely show-accurate—the deco would later be fine-tuned with more accurate details for release in Japan as the Magna Convoy DX giftset. In addition to now sporting fully-mobile Super Mode arms without the movement-impeding tabs, Prime still comes with all his features and accessories, though for this release, his Mini-Con partner Sparkplug got retooled with a new rear chassis and a blinged-out golden chrome body as “Corona Sparkplug”.


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