The Alien & Predator Collection – Alien Dallas (Pre Owned)

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The definitive Alien & Predator figurine collection, presenting characters from the Alien, Predator, AVP and Prometheus movie franchises, in terrifyingly realistic detail at 1 : 16 scale.

Alien released in 1979.
When the crew of the nostromo investigates a derelict spacecraft they make a horrifying discovery – A life form that breeds within a human host.

Arthur Koblenz Dallas is the captain of the USCSS Nostromo, the starfreighter that makes a fateful visit to LV-426 in 1979’s Alien. Played by Tom Skerritt, Dallas begrudgingly leads the small team to the surface of LV-426 to investigate a mysterious signal.

The Figurine
Every character is shown in a classic pose.
Cast in a specially formulated metallic resin and painted by hand.


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