Xbox Classic – Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex

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*SEE PICTURES – Case, disc and instructions all in good condition*

  • Vibrant 3-D graphics with real-time lighting and shadow effects
  • 30 different levels, including a volcanic island and a Japanese village
  • Crash’s sister Coco is now a playable character
  • Vehicular mayhem with a jeep, hang glider, and Crash-Mech
  • Includes a multiplayer minigame mode

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It’s everyone’s favourite marsupial in his biggest adventure yet! This time Neo–Cortex has had enough. Having been defeated one too many times, Cortex has developed a Super Secret weapon to finally rid himself of his arch–nemesis, Crash Bandicoot. Cortex has been busy building Crunch, a genetically engineered super–creature designed for one thing only, to defeat Crash Bandicoot once and for all!

There is just one thing missing… a power source for the new diabolical creation. Uka Uka, Cortex’s master, calls upon the powers of the slumbering “Elementals.” These four ancient masks harness the powers of earth, fire, water and air. If Cortex’s super weapon wears these masks, he will then hold the power of the elements! However, to power this weapon, Cortex has set up bases around the planet, sucking the earth dry of its valuable elemental resources.

It’s up to Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco to defeat Cortex and his monstrous creation before they take over the world!

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